OnlyConnect Health

I liaise closely with Dr Jenny Patterson (
a holistic health practitioner and midwife in Edinburgh.

Although we have separate practices and work in very different ways,
we sometimes refer clients to one another if a client is happy with that
and we feel a new approach would be more beneficial given the
client’s reasons for seeking help.

Jenny and I have connected as friends since we met in 2000 and
are happy to have a chance to connect in our therapeutic work too.

As a counsellor, I believe clients can achieve a greater acceptance
and understanding of themselves and their lives by connecting their
words and feelings. Jenny provides holistic healing techniques her
clients can use in their daily lives to be healthier and happier by
connecting the limbic ‘instinctive’ brain, with the cortex ‘thinking’ brain.

It sounds very scientific but basically, we both believe in connecting
the outside with what’s inside. It makes sense to us; it will to you.

“…live in fragments no longer”